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Neolon Buoyancy & Insulation Foam

$55.99$790.47 inc GST

One of our speciality foams, for many applications such as marine, sound insulation, packaging and construction. With many properties such as flame retardant, fuel resistant and UV resistant.

Fire Retardancy: ASTM 1530.3, BS EN ISO 4589 3:2017
Construction Certification: MRTS77, RTA 3204
Marine Certification: NATA 14722

Sheet sizes are:
2400 x 1200mm (2.4 x 1.2m)

To calculate how many sheets are required:
To cover an area (m2)
To cut many rectangles or squares
To fill a space (m3)
To float a maximum weight above water (Kg)

For Marine Applications:
• Does NOT absorb water.
• It is resistant to cleaners, oils, high-octane petrol, diesel or kerosene
• You can bend it or cut it to fill any space
• Doesn’t wear away from abrasion
• Can be removed at anytime or if the hull needs to be repaired

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Cleaning Your Foam

Density – refers to the mass per unit volume of foam material. Higher density foam is firmer, lower density foam is softer.

StickyBack – a peel-off adhesive tape, for an easy stick-on foam solution.

For custom conversion please contact our inhouse team.

Neolon™️ XPE Foam, a chemically cross-linked recycled polyethylene closed-cell foam. It is a fire retardant, water and chemical resistant material.

Used by some of the biggest companies in Australia, Neolon™️ Foam is widely used in the marine industry as buoyancy/ floatation foam for boats, in the construction industry as foam insulation, expansion joints and gap fillers and in the packaging industry as shock-absorbing packaging foam and instrument control.

Working Temperature: -70C – 110C

Melting Point: 189C

Neolon™️ XPE Foam Features

  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire Retardant
  • Superior Buoyancy
  • Non Toxic
  • Resistance to Chemical Solvents
  • Noise and Vibration Reduction
  • Resilient and Long Lasting

For Marine Floatation Applications:

Floatation can be either basic floatation, which allows the vessel to stay afloat with a certain weight on board, or level floatation, which keeps the vessel floating level and prevents it from capsizing in calm water.

This foam complies with standards for resistance to hydrostatic pressure, stability under temperature cycling, resistance to water absorption, and resistance to hydrocarbons and bilge cleaner.

For Insulation Applications:

Strong resistance to moisture, chemicals, cold weather & high temperature.

Sound Insulation – Results vary depending on frequency of the sound. Low Frequencies and high frequencies are reduced by up to 30Db. Mid frequencies are reduced by up to 15Db.

Temperature Insulation – a foil faced foam should be used see Neolon XPE Full Roll or Neolon Foam Tube for foiled foam options.