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Bridgefoam™ Neolon™ Foam Filler Strips

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Bridgefoam™ Neolon Expansion Joint Benefits:

Fire Retardant

Provides safety and peace of mind.

Excellent Mechanical Strength

Withstands heavy loads and pressure.

Water Resistant (No Absorption)

Maintains integrity even in wet conditions.

Chemical Solvent Resistance

Suitable for various environments.

Impact Resistant

Stands up to major impacts.

Resilient and Long Lasting

Ensures durability over time.

For custom conversion please contact our inhouse team.

About Bridgefoam™ Neolon Expansion Joint

These strips are crafted from durable cross-linked polyethylene closed cell foam, widely used as expansion joint by major Bridge Construction, Concreting, and Mining Industries in Australia.

Facilitate Installation

Bridgefoam™ Expansion Joint Filler Strips simplify the installation of expansion joints, reducing labor time. Attach them securely to existing formwork, walls, or structures, holding them in place until concrete is poured.

Versatile Applications

Use these strips as compressible gasket joint fillers between deck units, ideal for box culverts and concrete gaskets.

Customizable Lengths

Bridgefoam™ Filler strips can be easily cut to meet specific size requirements, available in 2400mm lengths. Choose with or without peel-off Stickyback Adhesive.

Standard Sheet Size

Neolon™ Sheets come in a standard size of 1200mm x 2400mm.

Precision Cutting

Our on-site cutting facilities feature state-of-the-art machinery, allowing us to supply standard and custom sizes, including unique or irregular shapes.


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