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Neolon Geo Floating Cover

$236.32 inc GST


Crafted from Neolon Foam, a recycled, high-performance closed-cell HDPE foam material known for its longevity (accelerated age testing available), durability, buoyancy, and UV resistance.


Fire Retardancy: ASTM 1530.3, BS EN ISO 4589 3:2017
Construction Certification: MRTS77, RTA 3204
Marine Certification: NATA 14722


Technical Data Sheet
Chemical Resistance Data Sheet

Proven Performance

With a track record of successful installations, the Neolon Foam Geo Floating Cover has demonstrated reliability over extended periods.
• Retains Flotation forces of 975kg per cubic meter.
• Does NOT absorb water.
• It is resistant to chemicals.
• You can bend it or cut it to fill any space
• Doesn’t wear away from abrasion


10mm thick, 1200mm wide and 25 meters long.
Custom sizing up to 1500mm wide and 100 meters long is available to be manufactured by PJ Bowers.

For custom conversion please contact our inhouse team.

Whether safeguarding water resources, enhancing water quality, or minimizing evaporation, the Neolon Foam Geo Floating Cover is the smart choice for sustainable water management.

30 square meters per roll.

Potable Water Reservoirs

Floating covers are used to protect drinking water reservoirs from evaporation, algae growth, and contamination.


Wastewater Treatment

They prevent odors, insulate, and deter wildlife from accessing wastewater ponds.



Floating covers collect gases in biodigesters.


Leachate Ponds

Used to reduce odors and prevent incident precipitation from becoming leachate.


Rainwater Collection

They control liquid composition and prevent interaction with rain

These covers are cost-effective alternatives to tanks for safeguarding large volumes of water, whilst having additional strengths and features over alternative solutions.


Thermal Resistance

Neolon has thermal resistance properties, see technical data sheet, or request testing documents.



Neolon has been third-party tested for UV resistance and aging for 20 years+, see technical data sheet, or request testing documents.


Flotation Testing

see chemical resistance documentation for results of third-party lab testing, showing the resilience of Neolon when exposed to chemicals and temperature cycles.


Thermal Resistance

Tested for thermal stability, the cover maintains performance even in extreme temperature variations.


Tensile and Tear Strength

Detailed test results for Neolon Foam’s tensile and tear strength are available in the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) document.



Suitable for large water surfaces, covering any surface area. The cover is sold in rolls 1.2 metres wide, 25 metres long and 10mm thick, this covers 30 metres squared.

Widths up to 1.5 metres can be achieved, if you need custom conversion of your floating covers please contact us.


What Is Neolon Geo Floating Cover?

Neolon is our first, most popular and most mentioned brand.
Across Australia boat builders and construction projects have come to rely on the quality, strength and longevity of Neolon.
Neolon is a grey coloured, mid-density, closed cell, XPE foam that has proven to perform in a huge variety of applications.

The Difference

Neolon XPE is a high quality, recycled alternative to other light to mid density closed cell foams.
By fine-tuning manufacturing variations, Neolon was created. Resulting in a vast number of strengths against the elements, heat, sound, chemicals, and more.
Neolon foam is also available in sheets: Neolon XPE Foam
For corporate inquires please visit: pjbowers.com.au