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EPE Rod – Clearance

$32.95 inc GST

Foam Rod – EPE White Foam
44mm diameter x 50 metres length

EPE White foam rods, cylinders, circles or noodle shape commonly used in the craft, home DIY, decorating, production and entertainment industries.

Easily adheres and bonds strongly with use of a wide variety of glues and paints.

EPE foam is a type of closed-cell foam made from polyethylene beads.

During the manufacturing process, these beads are expanded, creating a foam with a unique cell structure.

The resulting foam is lightweight, durable, and possesses excellent shock absorption and thermal insulation properties.

For custom conversion please contact our inhouse team.

Foam is light and it’s cellular structure is superior for bonding which makes a great bonding surfaces for glues.

A contact adhesive should be used, closed cell foams are air-tight – meaning the adhesive will not be exposed to air.

Some popular examples depending on the application are: liquid nails, gorilla glue or specific foam glue.

To use foam glue, apply it to both surfaces and let it dry (15 minutes) then stick them together (bonds on contact).

Just about any gap sealant, silicone or caulk can be used in addition with closed cell foam to create a seal for wall, floors, window etc.

Foam can be cut with a trade knife or blade, saws, even bread knifes can also be used.
The application and precision of the cut should be considered before deciding on a cutting method.

Straight edges can be used to assist with creating straight cuts.

*Please note the images of complex cuts like tool trays on our website is done by various CNC machinery at PJ Bowers.