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EVA Foam

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EVA foam is a Shock Deflecting foam having more bounce. A very strong, elastic foam that can conform to different shapes.

Clean Up – Can be cleaned with water and chemical based cleaners.

Sheet sizes are:
2200 x 1100mm (2.2 x 1.1m)
2000 x 1000mm (1 x 2m)

Check the item description for sizing after selecting your options.

To calculate how many sheets are required:
To cover an area
To fill a space

Density – refers to the mass per unit volume of foam material. Higher density foam is firmer, lower density foam is softer.

*Clearance Stock – If you have selected “Yes” for *Clearance stock, the item may have minor cosmetic defects such as holes or scratches.

For custom conversion please contact our inhouse team.

Foam is light and it’s cellular structure is superior for bonding which makes a great bonding surfaces for glues.

A contact adhesive should be used, closed cell foams are air-tight – meaning the adhesive will not be exposed to air.

Some popular examples depending on the application are: liquid nails, gorilla glue or specific foam glue.

To use foam glue, apply it to both surfaces and let it dry (15 minutes) then stick them together (bonds on contact).

Just about any gap sealant, silicone or caulk can be used in addition with closed cell foam to create a seal for wall, floors, window etc.

Foam can be cut with a trade knife or blade, saws, even bread knifes can also be used.
The application and precision of the cut should be considered before deciding on a cutting method.

Straight edges can be used to assist with creating straight cuts.

*Please note the images of complex cuts like tool trays on our website is done by various CNC machinery at PJ Bowers.

EVA Foam (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Foam) is a Closed Cell Foam with similar properties to PE Foam (Polyethylene). It has a Vinyl Acetate additive giving it a slightly softer consistency and superior elasticity when compared to standard PE Foam (Polyethylene).


EVA Foam Characteristics

Due to its superior elasticity, sheets feature quick compression recovery, retaining its flexibility and offering higher levels of rebound. It has a higher elasticity feel making it ideal for Cosplay and the Costume making industry in general, especially EVA75 (75kg per cubic metre density). It has a slightly higher density giving extra strength, but still easy to conform to shapes with some heat application.

Rebound: EVA is generally known as Shock Deflecting foam having more bounce than PE foam which has more Shock Absorbing qualities.

Versatile and Flexible: EVA foam offers flexibility and softness, making it easy to shape and mould for various applications.

Durable and Lightweight: Known for its durability, EVA foam withstands repeated impacts without adding significant weight.

Water and Chemical Resistance: Exhibiting water and chemical resistance, it is suitable for moist or challenging environments.

Thermal Insulation: With good thermal insulation properties, EVA foam helps maintain temperature stability.

Shock Absorption: Renowned for its shock absorption, it’s commonly used in protective gear and sports equipment.

Ease of Processing: Easily cut and moulded, EVA foam allows for customization in design and form.

Low Odour: Generally low in odour, providing a pleasant user experience, particularly in footwear.

Versatility in Applications: Found in diverse industries, including footwear, sports equipment, packaging, and automotive components.

Comfort and Cushioning: Its soft and cushioning nature contributes to comfort, commonly used in insoles and padding.

Colour Variety: Available in a range of colours, suitable for applications where aesthetics and branding are important.

Non-Toxic and Safe: Generally considered non-toxic and safe for direct contact with the skin.


EVA Foam Options

We stock 4 densities available: EVA30, EVA45, EVA75 and EVA140, and currently manufacture over 4,000 closed cell custom made products and supply a wide variety for different industries.

We can split larger blocks of EVA, from 100mm standard blocks to any sheet thickness down to 3mm, at an extra cost. Consult us for custom thicknesses.

Sheet Sizes:

EVA30: 2000mm x 1000mm
EVA45: 2000mm x 1000mm
EVA75: 2200mm x 1100mm
EVA140: 2000mm x 1000mm

*If you have selected “Yes” for *Clearance stock, the item may have minor cosmetic defects such as holes or scratches.


EVA Foam Applications

We supply and manufacture for hundreds of different industries. See below some examples of applications:

Arts and Crafts, Costume Foam, Cosplay, Set and Props, Automotive, Carpet Underlay, Flooring, Sound reduction, Interior Padding, Building, Expansion Joints, Insulation, Gap Fillers, Health Care, Splint Padding, Cervical Collars, Custom Supports, Marine, Boat Fenders, Oil Boom Floats, Seat Cushions, Sports & Leisure, Sports Mats, Body Protection, Sprung Floors.