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Flex Foam Expansion Joints with StickyBack – Clearance

$6.60$376.32 inc GST

Flex Foam Expansion Joint with StickyBack

Our Flex Foam Expansion Joint, equipped with StickyBack and easy tear-off tabs, is available in various widths of 25-meter rolls. Designed to accommodate concrete expansion and contraction due to climatic conditions and temperature changes, it effectively prevents cracking and other defects.


  • Fire Retardancy: Complies with ASTM 1530.3 and BS EN ISO 4589 3:2017 standards.
  • Construction Certification: Meets MRTS77 and RTA 3204 requirements.
  • Marine Certification: NATA 14722 approved.

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diagram of the measurements taken to give the Neolon expansion joint options
Wall Thickness
Pack Type
50mm 25m (metres) 10mm 1 Roll
50mm 25m (metres) 10mm 24 Roll Pack
75mm 25m (metres) 10mm 1 Roll
75mm 25m (metres) 10mm 16 Roll Pack
100mm 25m (metres) 10mm 1 Roll
100mm 25m (metres) 10mm 12 Roll Pack
150mm 25m (metres) 10mm 1 Roll
150mm 25m (metres) 10mm 8 Roll Pack
200mm 25m (metres) 10mm 1 Roll
200mm 25m (metres) 10mm 6 Roll Pack
300mm 25m (metres) 10mm 1 Roll
300mm 25m (metres) 10mm 4 Roll Pack
400mm 25m (metres) 10mm 1 Roll
400mm 25m (metres) 10mm 3 Roll Pack
600mm 25m (metres) 10mm 1 Roll
600mm 25m (metres) 10mm 2 Roll Pack


Flex Foam Expansion joints made from a very durable Neolon closed cell cross-linked recycled Polyethylene, with a Sticky Back Adhesive Surface for easy installation. Our product is waterproof, flexible, fire retardant and inert to chemicals.

Our Neolon XPE Expansion Joints make it very easy to install flex foam expansion joint foam gaps in form-work giving a flexible foam joint between two concrete surfaces. Widely used in road and bridge construction, concrete work, next to existing form-work, footpaths, walkways, car parks, driveways, curbing, and slabs or anywhere filler foams are needed.

All rolls are 25 metres long and 10mm thick, available in widths from 50mm to 300mm. All units are available with Sticky Back Adhesive or plain and a tear-off zip edge. Without zip edge available in 10mm thickness up to 1200mm width x 25m length with or without Sticky Back.